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April 11, 2010


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SO happy to have you back out there today. You set a great example for the others and I'm really proud of you. I'm very lucky to have so many great athletes and great friends on our team. Keep racing, and keep bringing the kid out to play.


Johanna, glad you are back and yes racing is not really fun but the sense of accomplishment is.
I know you will set a great example for mothers everywhere with your determination and perseverance.


Racing and fun? Forget it! Every time I am on this run, I keep asking myself why do I do that? What I was thinking, omg that hurts badly, why?
We race becouse we love it, that deep pain which goes away right after crossing the finish line. I count the pain in minutes, then in meters, and it is over...till the next time.
You did forgot to mention how funtastic your come back was: top 10!
In numbers, they will change, big time. KNowing you they will go so steep, that you will be amazed, faster splits on those loop you were ever done before!

Renee (Eward) Carlson

Johanna? Sorry to post this publicly, but I had a childhood friend named Johanna Bjorken when I lived in Batavia, IL. Her father worked at Fermulab. Are you the same person? My maiden name was Renee Eward and we moved when I was in 5th grade, so it's a long shot. I'm on facebook as reneecarlson38 or Renee Carlson. My email address is rscarlson90@comcast.net. It's so wonderful to read that you have done incredible things with your life! My sister is an athlete and runs every chance she gets in my name (I'm a Breast Cancer survivor). Anyhow, sorry to have bugged you if I have the wrong person. Oh, I live in the Boston area now, not too far! - Renee

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