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October 11, 2011


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Do what ya gotta do Green Light. You will always be an inspiration

Coming back myself

I agree with the other comment, been mulling this over for a while. As someone who didn't run track/XC in high school or college, never had a coach, started at 10 minute miles (or walking) (now at 7-8:00), and who starts almost from scratch every time I am set back, I gotta say ... People like YOU, Johanna, do inspire me. Without reducing the amazingness of folks like Kara Goucher or some of your teammates (with their amazing "bounce back" to stardom after PG stories), um, it's easier to be inspired by folks like you, who are more like us/me. You've got average "gifts" (genes, twitches, body shapes, whatever) but you work like heck to get faster/better. Other folks have way-above-average gifts, AND work like heck, but I can't ever ever be those people. I was a zero (not an 85-90), aiming for hero. I want to be like you. You go, girl!

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