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Aug 01, 2010


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Fantastic race, but very well written story.
Now, since the race is over, please take care of bruzes:)

Jonathan Cane

the mango doesn't fall far from the tree.


that's fantastic! you're a goddess.

now get a new helmet!

jennifer pietrzyk

You are amazing, I get that attitude with work. We had to carry a 300lb cardiac arrest out of the 98 degree subway up 4 flights through construction to the ambulance, almost passing out from the heat and exhaustion of carrying him and our equipment...but we got him to the hospital, suffered heat exhaustion and heat cramps...took a liter of fluid IV and got back on the bus to finish the rest of my tour. My mom is the same way! LOL

randi sloan

hey NSQ....so thats why you are such a tough broad...your mother's gene. i am incredibly impressed that you got back on the bike. wish i had been there to cheer you on but i was gardening in northern michigan with as much fierceness as you on that bike.


Thanks for the love Folks. I definitely feel it. And when I race, I replay all your positive words. They mean more to me than you could ever imagine. I am one lucky gal. Can't stay upright, but lucky.


I'm not sure what makes me happier, imagining the grin on your face as you run/swim/bike/WIN or reading your lovely words. Either way, please continue to rock.

Bianca Jade

What a lovely and inspiring account of both your mother and personal victory. I really loved reading it.

Bianca Jade (www.mizzFIT.com)

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