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Sep 02, 2010


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Jerode King

After reading this blog not only once but twice, I don't really know why I am responding to it but I will try to think of a quick retort. I question to this day why the male species are so fascinated with this part of a woman's anatomy. Yes, they are fantastic to look at. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors. And you're truly blessed if you've dated a woman in your lifetime that can actually fill a double D cup, but trust me, it's really not all that. Give me a woman with a sense of humor, one that can make me laugh and one who will allow me to run off to Vegas once a year with the boys. Oh, and teach me how to ride a road bike with less effort to cover the miles on 9W.

tom buffolano

so many features that make a relationship special. Boobs are the intro in most cases but they are one aspect of the woman. If a woman is defined only by her chest, then how shallow are the male species to base a relationship on that?
btw, wedding dresses come in all sizes.


Tom and J, I agree with your take that a woman is more than her chest. I still don't wish I had a rack, but a nice set does look good in a dress. Anyhow, what I really wanted to get across is how everyone has some kind of hangup. Boobs aren't mine, but it was an easy thing to write about. I have heard time an again how a woman feels like she's too fat to go to the gym, and this saddens me. If she realized that those she worried about at the gym were always looking in the mirror (at themselves), she might be more inclined to get out there. In the end, I want folks to just lace up their sneakers, irrespective of their sizes.


if she's "too fat" to go to the gym, that's exactly why she should get her fat ass TO the gym.

big boobs are nice, but they usually come with big other things. I'd rather have a nice stomach, legs, and ass on my woman...and luckily, i got just that.


Funny you're the one to write about boobs when I swear it's all I've thought about for the past year. For the first time in my entire life, I actually need a sportsbra, and wow. It is different. And clothes are different. I have to say, I'll miss them when they're gone. And at the same time, I can't wait. When they say being a mommy changes everything... well, I didn't foresee THAT.

Amy C

(For the ladies only) ... When I was in jr high/HS, the boys created a disease with my last name (XXX-itis - when you have no chest). They also told me my bra would fit better if I put it on backwards. Ouch. Yet, at my 10th reunion, all the boys who'd teased me back then flirted with me (and I ended up dating another one after our 20th reunion; he could not stop praising my "petite up top" body). I love love love that I can work out hard or frolic in the waves without worrying about "my girls." Still, I can't find a bra that isn't padded to give me something(s) I don't have. Years ago, Johanna recommended one she found at Macy's (congrats on your new pair now!). Can anyone else help?

Keep up the great work, goddesses - you all inspire (and ok, intimidate) me. And NSQ, what a role model you are to your budding middle school gals. Yeah!


Just read this. I really like what you have to say about boobs. I loved the day (and this is recently mind you) when I was getting dressed and my mother who was in the room said, " Oh but Lei, you look better with the bigger (padded) bra,it really makes you look better ,No it does " I stood looking at her - a woman who was built the same as I was growing up, an artist , an open minded thinker, intellectual, smart , funny all of the above, and of course sensitive- well I just looked at her and laughed.

"So it makes me look better? Completely better?" I said ,dead pan face - of course. Laughing on the inside.

"Well..." she replied. " I just mean ..it does something for your body"

"MOMMMMM?! " I yelled , laughing then calming myself down " I just thought I was beautiful the way I was I mean I realllly hate lying about my boob size, besides you KNOW i'm a hippie and don't like wearing bras anyway , but .. you know. Thanks for ..tellin me?? "

I love her and I think its so funny. I really love my "petitas" and am soooo refreshed when I hear other women are comfortable with their sizes too. I do wear bras, out of respect.The girls enjoy it too sometimes,but they really just don't like all extra baggage that comes when they think I'm lying about their size.They feel like..its too much. And I do too. But more than that, I just wanna be comfortable.


Great stories Ladies. We're all related in sisterhood, nuh? Thanks for posting.
Scott, I like how you used this link to throw Katie some love.:)

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