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Sep 17, 2010


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Amy C

So darn inspiring! Always love your candidness - a blend of confidence (knowing who you are, how you've trained, what you can do) and humility (acknowledging what your challenges are and the strength of your competitors)). Love it that, in this race, you cheered folks you passed. I would LOVE to be cheered by you as you passed me (I do it myself, but to fellow middle-of-the-packers). Congrats on a great season and your first 1/2.


Thanks for those kind words Amy. Doesn't matter where you are in the pack. You're out there, aren't you? I wish you great success out there. Keep up the good work. I'll write more after my wedding and the next half. Work sometimes gets in the way of keeping up with the writing, but since tris aren't paying the bills...All the best, Nicole
Lastly, I am virtually cheering for you!

Amy C

Thank you! I didn't expect you to write back, so extra thank you. I'm moving to CT where I hope to find peace, time/space for recovering (major lower back troubles), and renewed inspiration for returning to competition ... I'll continue to follow your virtual and real inspiration, and maybe I'll meet you in person some day. All the best in all aspects of your life ...


Go Big NSQ
First saving all of Sweden and now this
There really is no celling

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