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Jun 30, 2011


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Mama, it's nine (and a half) months. Suck it up! ;) Try not to focus on the negatives or else this precious time in your life is going to be over in a flash and you'll find yourself wishing you could just stuff the kid back in your tummy where you don't have to hear them cry, get up in the middle of the night to feed them and where it's safe and secure from all the hazards of the outside world.

Remember, you're gorgeous! The bad skin, cellulite and other joys of pregnancy will go away once it's over. Also, the nausea will fade over these next few weeks as you continue in your second trimester. You're going to have days were you feel like a complete rock star... just watch. You're also going to develop a sense of invincibility through this process like no other. Why do you think all those post-preggo athletes are so bad ass??? It's because it really is true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I never heard of anyone dying from cellulite, so the odds are in your favor.

Also, remember, for all those women out there that wish, hope, dream, long to be mothers in the future, you are the walking, living, breathing example of this miracle in action. Be proud of the entire experience and distract yourself from the negative crap. Stay in the moment. You're still scaling mountains every day; they're just a different type of mountain... or maybe your scaling them at high altitude. ;)

Growing a baby is no walk in the park, but it's a beautiful gift. A beautifully extraordinary gift with a tiny little side of cellulite. Ain't no thing... xoxo!


Dear god no bed rest x 2


DFerg--I hear ya! It's crazy to wrap my mind around how incredible this whole process is. I am not comparing anything to my pre-pregnant state and actually relish in seeing my belly grow. There is nothing remarkable in my struggles. It's haughtiness on my part to think that going into this fit would have saved me from some of the little annoyances--namely the feeling sick for months. I guess I want the prize without the work. Silly, I know.
In the mean time, I marvel at what the body can do and look forward to meeting Honeybadger.


I can't wait to meet Honeybadger too!!!! Little Baby Honeybadger Sin Quee Cane... sprinting out of mommy's womb with his/her genetically predisposed- already defined, six pack abs. :) HBSQC will be such a cutie!!!


Miracle In My Belly says it all.

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