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Jul 12, 2011


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what if someone is getting married and used the bridle path as the aisle?


Bridle as bridal. I like. And thanks Scott for catching the disagreement in verb tenses before JC got it. I know you meant 'uses.'I gotcha.


Once upon a time I was at the Red Hook track with your fair husband and there was a guy, henceforth known as "Mizuno guy" thanks to his ugly singlet, who was running clockwise in lane one and refused to yield. There was a shoulder check. Coach pretty much had to pin me down to keep me from all out slugging the guy.

I still see him sometimes in the park and I STILL want to slug him.


Johanna--I know that story. Coach tells it with great incredulity. Slug-worthy for sure. Sounds like the guy took a beating from you tow and would just not get out of the lane. Worse, it sounded like he was even a runner (someone who should know better). Ugh.
Unfortunately, I am NEVER the one to talk someone down from the tower.

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