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Jul 11, 2011


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best. trophy. ever.


So as I think about my future kids and the trophies they will inevitably get for EVERYTHING they choose to participate it, I am forming a policy about this. If no blood was shed, no formidable foe beaten, or it wasn't handed to you by the President of the USA himself, then it's going to get recycled. Take a photo of yourself with it at the finish line and keep it moving.


Hear, hear. Mrs Younge-Foster. I fully support your attitude. We do live in a world now where kids are told they are the best at everything they do and deserving of a medal for each endeavor. You should see some of these threads where folks are outraged when they don't get a finisher's medal. I guess we just have to go back to basics and embrace that we are hopefully doing these things because they bring us enjoyment and an opportunity to test ourselves, and that is enough. The material awards are extra. I wish you were my teacher. Even more, I wish you were Baby Sin Cane's teacher. Either way, he/she will know you well! ILY.

Mr. T Wannabe

I have trashed almost all of them, with the exception of the truly meaningful accomplishments. NYC Marathon 2006 will always be a keeper.

That said, I have no idea what remains at my parent's house. For a while, I used to give away the Rhode Island Interscholastic League swimming medals because they looked like Mr. T chains and we used to get a kick out of wearing them out at night.


@ Mr. T Wannabe - I pity the fool who tries to race you.


Amen to that JC! Mr. T Wannabe is one fierce gold-chain-wearing expletive.

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