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Oct 02, 2011


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Judy P

Perspective from a friend who grudgingly runs AND knows what it's like to be pregnant and trying to exercise: You are SO gangsta!!! ;)


Judy, everything counts, and you rock for getting out there. Thanks for calling me gangsta! I will wear it w/ pride. It's up there with the comment from the guy in Harlem who said to me when I stopped at a red light in a snowstorm and had my bike chain wrapped around my neck, "I respect your dawg!" Represent! (Full disclosure, the next day I was mocked by a bunch of drug dealers on the corner who kept repeating back to me , "I totally almost fell." I don't know why I have to inject "totally" in my sentences and don't know why that totally makes me sound like a Valley Girl.)

Amy May

I'm seriously impressed at your times, fast lady. My only exercise at this point (38 weeks) is the occasional Zumba, the 25 minutes of walking twice a day for my commute, and sex. All of which totally count at this point as legitimate exercise. Also, don't forget the super competitive people (like college guys wearing basketball shorts) who get really ticked off at being passed by either a) a girl or b) especially a pregnant girl. Hopefully the humidity won't result in the formation of jheri curls for the baby though. That is a valid concern of mine sometimes.


Amy, EVERYTHING counts! Kudos to you.
BTW, I will admit to wanting a jheri curl in 5th grade and my mother, God bless her, refused. I am so proud to say that I never had one, and in my neighborhood at the time, that was saying a lot!!

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