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Nov 17, 2011


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Why were you heavier and slower when you were training harder? I also don't understand why very long cardio sessions dont effectively burn fat? I know it is true, just don't understand actually why? Seems working out for so long would cause the body to burn a ton of calories and also have to use fat stores. I'm jealous of your insane abs!

Jonathan Cane

Hey Jen, allow me to respond on behalf of my lovely wife/star athlete/baby mama. It's not simply that she was working harder, rather that she was trying to work hard every day. We began to incorporate easy days (and rest days once in a while) in order to allow her to go harder than before on her hard days. So in fact her hard days got harder but they were balanced with easy days.

As for the long days, once again everything is relative. in the 2010 season she was regularly doing 2.5-3 hour workouts every weekend. That's what she's referring to as NOT long.

I do agree entirely that the value of abdominal exercises is overstated, and much time is wasted on them by many athletes. Triathletes need muscular endurance in their core muscles. Swim, bike and run are great ways to develop that. That's not to say that an athlete shouldn't bother doing planks or other occasional ab exercises, but when i read about an endurance athlete doing hundreds of crunches every day, I'm confident that they're wasting time and energy that could have been better used.

Ultimately, NSQ's abs are insane because is insanely lean and has very little fat obscuring her musculature.

Jonathan Cane

I think the important thing to remember here is that the 6-pack was a secondary outcome. Form followed function. Training to win races was the primary goal, and the aesthetics followed.


Thanks so much for the response! I do "long" workouts and often have thought that a more intense workout followed by an easy day might be more beneficial for athletic gains. It is scary to change the routine I know and love, though :) Appreciate the response!\


Hi Jen, Hope the workouts are going well. Have you gotten out of your comfort zone? Fight the urge to stay in 1 zone. All the best, NSQ

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