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Jan 15, 2012


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I was wondering if you changed your workouts at all when you were trying to get pregnant? I'm a cyclist, averaging about 30 miles/day, and I sometimes worry that this will affect my ability to conceive. Every doctor I've ever asked has given me completely different answers!


Hi Lauren, I am not a doctor, so take this for what it's worth. I actually didn't change my workouts. The ultimate plan was to conceive but I wanted to get my fitness back in the mean time in case we didn't. What I didn't want was to lose fitness and not be pregnant. So I continued my workouts. They weren't the same intensity as during the summer just because it wasn't race season, but I was still doing a fair amount. Funny enough, I backed off a little because I had bronchitis, raced a 10 miler, and got pregnant somewhere around that time. Fingers crossed on this end for you! From my perspective, being an athlete really helped in so many ways after the conception. Best wishes to you!

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