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#518 - Arthur Terrell Moore - DNF - Tummy Ache.


Babydoll--I'm proud of you; you did leave stuff on the course, and it wasn't your dignity. So bummed that you felt bad, but feeling bad always makes for a great blog entry and, as you noted, the race solution is an easy one.
I am filled w. excitement these days and you're a big part of that. Two of many reasons: your entry in long course nat'ls and into CC blogland. Many good days ahead for the inimitable Terry Moore.


@NSQ - Babydoll?


Hmmm, NSQ, aren't you getting married soon? JC, I think you need to have a talk about PDAs in these blogs.
Terry, remember, mold is the basis for penicillin.


Thanks, Terry for being so honest and vulnerable. All of us have bad training days and sub-par racing days but when they happen, you usually feel like you're the only one. Sometimes I can think that great athletes like yourself or NSQ or Jeannine or Agnes (the list goes on..) breeze through every workout and I am running around with a big fat "L" (for loser)over my forehead because I didn't hit pace or nail a prescribed workout. Sometimes when someone like you so openly acknowledges a disappointing race (even if it was because of a dirty water bottle..) it is even more encouraging to others than the recounting of an easy victory. Thanks, Terry!!! You will be AMAZING at the nationals.

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