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Thanks for the posts on running form. I think they are really informative, a lot of people don't even think about their form and just run, probably to their detriment. Do you think in future posts you could put up some videos of the running form you are talking about here? Is this considered pose running? Something else? Thanks!


Hey Emerson,

Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOG0PaDYJvs&feature=related

Although it is an advertisement for an expensive training tool, the guy does show a quick but informative comparison of the mechanics of an average, a very good, and a world class runner. Definitely worth taking a look and studying the differences among the three. There are a ton of videos on youtube about running form. Lots are crap, so try and weed out the bad ones.

As far as method, I don't really follow one specific form method, although I guess you could say many aspects are similar to Pose running.

Thanks for the feedback,


Damn T-Moore. You write good stuff. This is a terrific post!

Amy C

Technical trail running (whenever you can do it - frequently is better ... easier if live in the wild woods of CT now like I do) really helps one to run on forefoot and take smaller strides (I've been and still am a major heel striker and much-too-long strider otherwise). Love your posts! All you CC folks rock.

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