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How does it feel to be so damn cool TMooore? Just came in from gardening and can't wait to plant the blueberry shrub!


A few unrelated and notes:

1 - "plant the blueberry shrub" sounds like a dirty euphemism, but is not.

2 - I have to admit that i take some satisfaction in the fact that D'Angelo has let himself go since the shirtless music video. http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/37986545.html

3 - Pino Palladino is on my list of top-5 living electric bassists.

4 - I was listening to Whipping Post whilst running today. It's in 11/8. Not the best song to run to.

5 - awesome post.


hahaha, 11/8! that would be a hilarious run!

terry - you're a nerd.


I do not know the song Whipping Post but you might be able to run it as 4+4+3. If you start with the right foot (and the eighth note remains constant) you would only have one sequence of 4+4+3 on the left foot. By the third sequence, you would be back to accents on the right.


Fear not Lauri - i got it. Yes, the first measure begins with the one foot, and the next one with the other. Whipping Post is actually 3-3-3-2. I love odd time signatures, so I enjoy goofy stuff like that.

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