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My boss is going to love it when I show up to my job in tights/shorts.


Also, did you include any tax rebates for subway commuter costs or what it will cost to take the subway sans pass on the 4.7 days of the month that it is raining? Moreover, on days where it pours in the afternoon, you will be without your bike the following morning. Based on my calculations (with compounding interest) it will take more than 23.2 months to "pay off" the bike.

Hardly a wise "investment".


Today was my first outdoor ride since 2010. One word: Awlawd! I have stopped commuting by bike to work. I think this is a bad move. I'm now a bit timid on downhills and just a punk. I think I may go back to biking rather than running to work w/ my computer in tow (15 lbs some days--and I use the term running lightly). Lastly, God bless my work place for having a shower. Scared to see you out there. And ignore that Billy dude.


I just learned Billy above is not the Billy I thought he was. oops.


Dear Billy,

Thank you for your comments and concern. It sounds like you are a very important person if your job requires you to show up to it all dressed up and you don't have an opportunity to change clothes.

Thank you as well for your concern about my investment. The $25/month I allocated towards per-ride Metrocards includes days where it rains. However, if I'm able to ride to work in precipitation-free weather, I'm happy to ride home in the rain, which significantly cuts down the number of subway rides I take.

The best benefit of riding my bike to work is that I get to say "it's SO nice out!" a lot.


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